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You can now buy this cassette through until I grab my copies and can put them up for sale on here!

All songs (except Little Pocket/Bread House Bonanza*) on Forever were recorded at the Tidwell's in Donelson, a suburb of Nashville, TN by Casey
Little Pocket/Bread House Bonanza was recorded at Peachtree in Nashville, TN.
Slanted is Casey Jordan Weissbuch.

"With songs from the slightly twisted mind of drummer Casey Weissbuch, Slanted’s new album, Forever, could be a hell of a listen for most fans of fuzzy pop. Weissbuch, who’s previously worked with Diarrhea Planet, Colleen Green, and Mitski, is a master of lo-fi creations, something that’s evident in the track The A.V. Club is premiering exclusively"
- The A.V. Club

"Listening to a few tracks from Slanted, I can assure you that while the recordings may be a bit primitive, this band is true-blue. From the mouths of basement babes, their track “Gross” is a keeper if there ever was one. Reading like very early depiction of Built to Spill and even Modest Mouse, these boys know how to make a ruckus and a melody."
- Lo-Pie

"Slanted's music takes me right back to my high school days, before the internet, where I tried to find cool music by listening to Princeton College radio, recording 120 minutes to VHS, and buying records I'd never heard just because they were in the Parasol catalog (that's right: catalogs of records! Made out of real paper!) I'm a sucker for this sound, and a sucker for this band."
- Spacerockmountain Blog

"The highlight here, "Little Pocket/Bread House Bonanza," attaches scuzzy guitars to a skewed pop context, not unlike another one of my faves I've presented to you before, further. I wish I had a more eloquent way of conveying that Forever is a promising debut, but I suppose I'll leave it at that."
- Willfully Obscure


released March 24, 2015

Huge thanks to Jeff and Dylan at Jurassic Pop Records for making the cassette happen, yall are the best!

Additional thanks to the Tidwells for letting me use their space and gear.
Jacob Corenflos for unknowingly letting me use his bass.
Mac J for the helping with that bass line on Little Pocket/Bread House Bonanza.
The picture is from inside the house the album was recorded in.



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Slanted New York, New York

Email me for all booking, press, or whatever inquiries.

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Track Name: Sign
Tryin to be good
Lookin for a sign
A sign that says that they all love me
We Can't all be the same
And I'm the one to blame
When I get let down from their lack of
Lust for the cause
Need to hear sound
Want to have drinks
Have them around
Get in my car
And drive to
Any place with friends
So I can feel real whole again
Track Name: Chris Takes
Leave my phone out on the breakfast table
I'll be down waiting for you
But ya call 6 times in 20 minutes
Makes me wanna get something new
So you're over past McCampbell
Running through the yard
I hate to see you coming
Hate to see you coming
Smile on your face
Red as an apple
Over my turnstile
Onto my tongue

You always wanna be here

Talking to Chris through the alphabet
Seeing why I'm gonna be late
He's gotta be the big boss with a good reception
Hoping he can put 'em on break
So you're climing all the ladders
Over the stage
Smoking a butt
And living with grace
Loving all the good ones
Leaving the bad
Upward and over
Into your life

I always wanna be there
Track Name: Disc
Down to the water's edge
Feel my face getting cold
Don't want my friends to see it

They're pretty cool
And so I have to hide
That I might be a loser

I dont wanna go back
Don't wanna go back
I don't wanna go back
Don't wanna go back
I dont wanna go back
Don't wanna go back
I don't want to go back to
Being alone

What could I have possibly thought
I can feel their love
Straight through these trees
I'm just paranoid
Such a wonderful fuck
I feel when I realize it

But no don't go back
I dont wanna go back
I don't wanna go back
Don't wanna go back
I dont wanna go back
Don't wanna go back
I don't want to go back to
Being alone
Track Name: Little Pocket/Bread House Bonanza
hen you're looking at me
Look into space
Straight to the arrow end of my life
I don't know what you see
In the path of me
But I know it's the same thing that I see now

Put a rocket to spain
I wanna say your name
In the air on the top
Top of my new bed
Nike swoosh sideways
Kick it to me good
I like this a lot
And you know I'm…..

You got it
You got every little trinket in this house of faith
House of faith
I've got in front of me, the list is long, it's all scribbled down
Let's clean it up
Clean it up, before we get too old, baby

I'm lost
Track Name: Jacob
Will I survive
Will I live
I don't wanna be
Jacob says
That I'm ok
He's probably right
I believe what he says
Walk back inside
Into my bed
And close my eyes
To what he said
That I'm ok
If he's right
That I'm ok
If he's right
That I'm ok
If he's right
Sometimes I feel like he's my only friend
But then I open up and let them in
What was wrong
I could wander through my mind till i'm underground
But I won't, I'm too fuckin strong
Track Name: Dog
You're just a dog
I'm just a dog
Wish we could be real
Wish we were dumb
While we're walking the street
Thoughtless and drag
Feet on the pavement
I wish I haaaaaad
Looked at my phone
Nobody's home
Why would I feel good when
This dog is alone
Meaningless hack
Friends looking bored
Tossing him to the curb
But really I wish I haaaaad

Slimy and thin
Sad little pup
I'm feeling guilty
For what I've done
But I just can't
Can't turn around
Can't save the helpless
Dog that I love
But in his eyes
He knows the truth
See his skin crawling
Relaxing too
We're just the same
Same as before
Accepting the process
And waiting for more

If you ask for a gift
You'll be tried
For asking it
When you see what you've lost
You'll be known
For what you've done
Track Name: Master of Sound
Waiting for the rock
I was perplexed by the storm under you
Leaving while I was gone
Blowing your nose and stretching holes in your shoes
Together under rain of guitars and drums
I am the master of sound
You are my hand in hand of danger now
Track Name: Gross
I woke up with my face inside the bowl
And I looked into a pool of blood
Checked my head like feeling a rubber turtle shell
And I didn't know where I was
But right underneath
All the wavy red streaks
Was a picture of me
Gros-I passed out on the coldest floor of tile
Frontwards backwards
and Upside down
Track Name: Cat
If you wanna be my friend
I've got two spots
At this soft opening
You'll have to wait in this line
Oh yeah, it's invisible

Hold me down
Into the bottom
Of your big mouth
And into the sea
Of your white house
Where my body leaves
You're waiting on a sign
You're waiting just for me
To take you home

Two little kids with their bikes
Smiled at me
They knew the truth
Sick of asking for advice
On the streets
I know I'm not gonna get it
Track Name: Sorry
I've got a lot of things
That I wanna say
Like a snake in the grass
Or your mom in a cage
And I'm holding on to you
But with much less grace
I should've shut you out
When you walked in
Like an ant on a leash
Or a cut on your shin
And I'm letting you go
Like you didn't exist
But when you're running faster
Running out of time
The only thing to do is black it out and blister

Oh hold on a sec
I've got two more cents
On my dollar half
And it's too late to care
So I'll hold it back
The point of writing slow
Is to get on with it
Like a "race" around the globe
Or fire with sticks
But you're missing the point
That's something I can't fix
So when you're running faster
Running out of time
The only thing to do is black it out and blister
Track Name: Money Side Up
I was lost
But I'm found
It felt cold
Just to be around
And the simple part of me
Wants nothing but to see you leave
And never come back again
Take all the magic you stole
Share all the distance we drove
Cause I always wanted
Cause I wanted to be part of a team
Drifting into left field and shattering me
I'm the same as I was at the bottom of this
But you're a total mess
Total mess
Total mess
Total mess